Tuesday, May 8, 2007

LaLa's Finest

On Saturday, while my 'husband' was in town, he made it his determination to go to the recently opened Pinkberry in NY and show me what all the LaLa Land hype was all about. We walked from Chelsea to Korea town to experience the delight that is. Later, we figured out there was another Pinkberry an avenue away from where we originally were. Turns out there are 3 locations in NY currently: UES, Chelsea, and Korea Town. When we got to the little fro yo joint, there was a very unorganized line. People were placing orders then waiting in a clump to receive their cups of yogurt with fruit and cereal toppings. Yogurt comes in two flavors: original and green tea. My husband gave me the downlow on how to order. He told me you only order a medium because it comes with 3 toppings. He told me original is better than Green Tea (but Im still waiting to be the judge of that) and that the fro yo tastes like real yogurt but frozen and works best with fruit since it adds a sweetness to the base. He also told me that LA was very organized and he was surprised by the mish-mash of lines and unorderliness of the assembly line. None of the topping are listed on the menu board so you have to make a valiant effort to peek at the toppings while keeping your spot in line; to avoid the stress of picking your faves on the spot. In any case, after the ordeal, it was a refreshing and delicious treat. I wouldn't say its better or worse than regular frozen yogurt; just different. Pinkberry is not as sweet and can probably be eaten for a light lunch; frozen yogurt is def more desserty. Both are def delicious. I would say Pinkberry is def worth a shot and is absolutely refreshing esp as the days are getting hotter.